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Intro to Video Production

Course Description
LMC 3406 combines hands-on production work with the in-class analysis of video and narrative techniques in order to expand skill in audiovisual communication. The course covers the basics of preproduction, production, and post-production video. Technical processes such as videography, lighting, sound recording, non-linear editing, and video for the web are covered through in-class workshops and individual and group projects completed outside of class. This class is for beginning videographers only, and it focuses on YouTube as a medium (rather than on traditional narrative film-making).

Learning Outcomes
Textual/Visual Analysis: Students will learn to read, analyze, and interpret not only cultural products such as film, literature, art, and new media, but also scientific and technical documents.
Interpretive Frameworks: Students will become familiar with a variety of social, political, and philosophical theories and be able to apply those theories to creative and scientific texts, as well as to their own cultural observations.
Communication Skills: Students will be able to gather, organize, and express information clearly and accurately, with sensitivity to audience. They will be able to do so both by using traditional media and by tapping the potential of new digital media.

Required Texts
The Videomaker Guide to Video Production, Fifth Edition (Paperback) by Videomaker
Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art (Paperback) by Scott McCloud
Supplemental readings will be provided via hyperlink or in PDF form through T-square.